An Overview of My Personal History—How I Got Here

I am writing this book because I believe that it will help others who are bereaved to feel a little less bereaved. Being a bereaved parent myself, I know that’s a pretty huge statement to make and maybe even presumptuous of me to think that anything I could say might lighten your burden. None-the-less, I am urged from inside myself and from my son Danny on the other side, to write what I believe to be true about where he is now and how he is doing.

You may wonder, “What does this woman think she knows and why would I listen to some bereaved mother? The bereaved will believe anything!” and well this may be. However my interest in spiritualism began long before I became a mother. The following overview of my personal history will explain much of this to you.

An Overview of My History—How I Got Here

I grew up a Jersey Girl in the suburbs of Essex County in a home that was devoid of spirituality and mysticism of any kind. By the time I was a teenager in the mid- 1960’s I was convinced that there was the “real world” in which I had my existence and that everything else was pure fantasy. The fairy tales of my childhood were to be left behind and with that the idea of miracles as well. I remember accepting this sad and colorless interpretation of life and feeling as if a part of me had died, yet to my mind, real was real and I knew the difference!

These beliefs were held firmly by both my family and myself, and so when I was afflicted with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 16, we pursued no other course of treatment outside of traditional medical science. It was what we trusted. We placed all our hopes on my doctors to supply us with a cure. Little did we know that from 1967 to 1969 my disease would grow in severity while we pursued medical treatment to the exclusion of anything else. By the summer of 1969 I had descended into the depths of hell, suffering more from this debilitating disease than I had ever conceived possible. At the same time I contracted Hepatitis C from blood transfusions administered during one of two emergency surgeries. By 1970 the first symptoms of the Hepatitis C surfaced and eventually through medical testing Chronic Hepatitis was diagnosed. I was disheartened to learn that this illness, like the proceeding one, had the potential to become more severe over time. My doctors advised my parents to give money to research because as they saw it, in the absence of a cure, I would not live past another 10 years. This prognosis was made in 1971.

I had heard about British spiritual healer Harry Edwards back in 1968. At the time, however, I couldn’t believe one word of what I heard. It didn’t fit into my concept of the “real world” and I saw no reason to consider it. I simply could not imagine how some man in Britain could so “something” over there that would effect a change in someone over here! It sounded preposterous to me.

The concept still sounded far-fetched to me in 1971, however something was significantly different about me by 1971. I was desperate and I had been humbled. Physical suffering shook my confidence to the very core of my being. I was no longer the girl who thought she knew so much about everything and while I didn’t believe in spiritual healing or miracles, I began to open my mind to the possibility of them because I needed one desperately. It became very obvious that I had nothing to lose.

Forty-eight hours after my father hand-delivered my letter to Mr. Edwards, I had so much energy I was flying. There was no doubt in my mind that something was happening. I could not believe the feeling of energy that everywhere pervaded my body, and for a young woman who had been sick for four years, this was a new and wonderful feeling. I was not only energized physically but I was also uplifted emotionally, as if imbued with a new, strong sense of optimism! Within weeks my blood tests showed dramatic improvement. Over the next six-month period my physical health was restored and my spiritual journey began.

The Journey—How Did It Happen?

The first thing I wanted to know was how did this “healing” take place? I was still puzzled as to how Harry Edwards could have helped me with us separated by the Atlantic Ocean!

Fortunately we live in a day and age where books and recordings are readily available and so I began my spiritual studies by delving into books written by Harry Edwards himself. I was surprised to learn that Mr. Edwards only credited himself with a small part of the healing, that of being the messenger. He credited the greater part of the healing to spirits, who he referred to as “spirit doctors.” According to Harry, it was these spirits who were responsible for carrying out the healing. This was surprising news to me, since I wasn’t sure I believed in spirits. None-the-less, I could not dismiss the experience of energy that seemed to come to me from nowhere to turn my life around for the better! Harry wrote that time and space, as we know them, do not exist in the spirit realm which makes it possible for a spirit to be any where in no time. This explained how the healing could have reached me “trans-Atlantically.” And because my healing experience had demonstrated to me the presence of unseen energy, I could now imagine that within this unseen energy there could be a world of spirit. I could think of no other explanation for the healing that had taken place in my body, nor did I have any reason to mistrust this gentle man who had done more for me than all the kings horses and all the kings men and we had some pretty top horses and men in our camp!

Something Did Happen, But What Does It Mean?

My eyes were now open to endless possibilities. If spiritual healing energy directed from spirit beings was a true phenomenon, then it meant that death was not an end but a continuation into spirit. What a relief to think that we are not just erased from the universe at the point of our physical death and that there is a plan that extends beyond physical experience. What a phenomenal perspective, to consider that there is a bigger picture.

Mr. Edwards also explained how the phenomenon of spiritual healing demonstrates another truth: that we are all spirit now while still in our physical bodies. Mr. Edwards explained that in order for an energy transmission to take place, there must be a common receptor between that which is transmitted and that which is received. For example, when radio waves are transmitted from a radio station, those waves must be “picked up” by a receiver that is compatible to those waves in order for them to be received and interpreted. In the same way, in order for me to be able to respond to energies directly to me from spirit, I had to have a common spiritual component within myself capable of receiving the spiritual transmission. According to Mr. Edwards, if I did not have a spiritual component inside of me, capable of receiving the spiritual energy directed to me from spirit, the healing could not have taken place.

According to Mr. Edwards, demonstrating the truth of our true nature in spirit is actually the greater purpose behind spiritual healing. His hope was that humankind would come to understand their spiritual nature and stop fearing death as they do. This realization would allow them to live their lives in greater peace. The unfortunate truth, however, is that the effectiveness of spiritual healing is not recognized and accepted in most mainstream arenas. Although Mr. Edwards presented over 10,000 case histories of amazing spiritual healings similar to my own, to demonstrate the validity of spiritual healing to both medical and religious authorities, the evidence was dismissed as inconclusive. I, being one of the fortunate recipients of this healing energy, know it is very conclusive and long lasting as well.

Now That I Accept the Phenomenon of an Unseen World, What Do I Do With That?

Naturally I wanted to know more, sense more, see, feel and experience more of this spiritual reality. I looked everywhere for the presence of spirits, however to this day I have never seen an apparition. Eventually my exploration of spiritualism brought me to the subject of mediumship and I was riveted. The idea that a spirit could easily communicate with certain people and in some cases even speak through them just thrilled me. The first book that I read on the subject of mediumship was written by Harry Edwards. It centered around the development of his friend Jack Webber’s mediumistic gifts. The first mediums I read about were all British, however after years of reading about mediums I developed a great longing on to be in the actual presence of an authentic medium. When I found my way into Jane Roberts’s ESP classes in upstate New York, the medium who spoke for an entity named Seth, I was both intrigued and frightened. This personality, who called himself Seth, came right through Jane and spoke directly to the students every week. Jane’s mannerisms changed when Seth came through, from the sound and accent of her voice, to the intense look in her eyes. When Seth took over, it was obvious! Jane was a small woman with a typically female voice. Seth was boisterous and outspoken, direct and exacting, with a loud and booming masculine voice. At first, I found Seth very intimidating. In time I came to see both the jovial and loving sides of this being who claimed to be a spirit, separate from Jane, speaking to us through her. As time went on, experiencing this week after week, I became more convinced of the validity of a spirit realm that exists within, or close to, our own, but on a different vibratory level. Jane stopped holding her classes, but because of my continued interest, I went for readings with both psychics and mediums whenever I had the opportunity.

It wasn’t until 1999 however, in a private session with medium Glenn Dove, that I came to understand that my father and Harry Edwards, who had both crossed over in 1976, were still very close to me. They knew about my life down to the last detail and they even knew each other. It was a revelation to me to realize that they could meet up over there and that they were still very concerned with my life! That’s when I began to realize that those who have passed on are not far away and that they are very much themselves, as we knew them. My father still had a fatherly love for me and was still a part of my life. Harry Edwards was continuing his work from the spirit side and was still looking out for my health. This was such an amazing comfort to acknowledge.  As my confidence was growing in the validity of spirit, I became more involved with bereavement, talking to groups and individuals about the continuation of the soul. Glenn and I had started working on a book together and so my opportunities to sit with him increased, and with each sitting, my belief in the presence of spirit grew stronger.

As you can see, by the time Danny passed in July of 2008, I was already well connected with beings on the other side. Since 1999 I had counted on regular meetings with my father and Harry Edwards. It is only natural that Danny would become a regular member of this spiritual entourage and that’s exactly what he did. One week after he passed he came to my session with Glenn Dove and he has been the most avid communicator of all. It’s a great comfort and I’m so grateful because to me, connecting up is the only real solace.

Since Dan has passed I have been able to hear thoughts and receive ideas that I believe are influenced by him. I would have thought that these thoughts were merely a product of an overactive imagination however, the same ideas have been confirmed, time and again, through reputable mediums! You can do this too, because your child is as close to you as Danny is to me. Sometimes one session with a good medium like Glenn Dove is all that you need to get the confidence to believe.

We all want to believe that our children have gone on into spirit and that they are doing well, but we don’t want to be duped or to believe something just because someone says it’s so. But after a session with a gifted, true medium it is hard to deny the validity of the unique personality that was your loved one, coming through. Danny is so Danny I’d have to be in denial to say it’s not him. You really need to have the experience for yourself but I will tell you this: It’s not random. It’s not a guessing game. It’s direct and clear and makes sense, or the medium is not a true medium. Our children know what we need to hear to be able to accept that they are truly themselves and they go out of their way to demonstrate this through what they talk about and bring to our attention. In time it becomes obvious that there is no other reasonable explanation for what you are hearing except that they exist and they are themselves! Okay, that doesn’t bring them back here, but it is far better than having no contact at all!

In a session with the medium Hoyt Robinette I asked Danny if he had a message for the other parents who had lost children and he said, “I’m going to give you words to say to those people.“ He says, “You know there are some people who are devastated and I want you to be able to give them the right words…the right encouragement. We are here. We are as close as your breath. But I want those people to understand that. We haven’t been removed and taken away and torn out of their heart. We’ve been torn out of their sight, out of their grip, but we have not been torn out of their heart, nor is our spirit removed from theirs. We’re as close now as we were before. “ That’s hard to believe, I know, but I believe that they are a lot closer than you may presently realize, and that we can still have a relationship with them. It’s not the same, it’s more or less like long distance phone calls and learning the Braille System but it’s so much more rewarding than no relationship at all. I hope in this book to open your mind to the possibility of connecting up with your child through whatever means becomes available to you. I truly believe it is what your child wants as well!

About sheriperl

I am a spiritual healer, a writer, a teacher, a potter and a wife and mother. My work has always been in spiritual healing but since 2008 I have focused more on bereavement as I lost my 22 year old son Daniel to an overdose on July 1, 2008.
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