Do You Connect Up? Can You Tell Us About It?

Greetings Prayer Team,

In the past two and a half years since Danny made the crossing, I have been connecting up with him through any means that is available to me. I believe that connecting up is the only real solace that helps because any kind of communication with our loved ones allows us to maintain a relationship.

Many of you have experiences where you feel, sense or hear things, write, know or dream things. They come in all different ways but we know that they can happen. If anyone has a minute to share a story about a significant sign or a dream, a strong impulse or an onrush of ideas,  I know I’d love to hear from you and I think everyone else would appreciate hearing from you too!

About sheriperl

I am a spiritual healer, a writer, a teacher, a potter and a wife and mother. My work has always been in spiritual healing but since 2008 I have focused more on bereavement as I lost my 22 year old son Daniel to an overdose on July 1, 2008.
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2 Responses to Do You Connect Up? Can You Tell Us About It?

  1. maty says:

    Well Sheri , i had a dream with my Chris a few months ago . I could even hug him and i even remember saying to him in my dream Chris you are solid , thats what i use to say to him when he was here amongst us . He seemed agitated , all he wanted to say to me is im well mum , im teaching on the other side young kids , because of what happened to me with the drugs . I even asked him if he had seen Germaine his girlfriend and his answer was yes . He said good bye and he dissapeared . For me to wake up and see that he wasnt there was terrible but on the other hand i had inner peace thinking he is ok . Ann Germaine is coming for a visit to Gibraltar and ive already got my ticket , she is a verry good medium , ive seen her demonsrations on tv . I want to know more about the after life so that i can connect even more with my son . Thanks to all for reading this share . peace Maty

    • sheriperl says:

      That’s really cool Maty. To learn more about existence on the other side I highly recommend reading “Testimony of Light” by Helen Greaves who is British. You can purchase it through Amazon. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read on the subject!
      Your dream is awesome. Chris sounds like he’s doing really well over there. Bless his heart! Please keep us posted on Ann Germaine!

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