December 14, 2012—To All The Children Who Have Passed Today—Another American Tragedy!

Today we are heartbroken by the loss of so many young children. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the parents whose hearts have been broken and whose lives have been forever changed.

Dear Children,

We know you find yourselves in a new environment, not knowing what has happened or why. We are joining together in prayer and sending a special request to all of our beloved children-in-spirit to rush to your side and to take you under their angel wings.

We, The Prayer Team, are sending this request to all of our children.

Dear Prayer Registry Kids,

We know that you are aware of everything happening here on earth. We know that you are strong and powerful. We ask you to help these new spirits, to stay by them, loving and comforting them and telling that what it is that you know: That spirit is eternal, that they will be safe and loved with you, and that they will be reunited with their parents one day.

Be the big older brothers and sisters that they need. Bring them all the love in your hearts. We are sending them all all of the love in ours.

Let us also say a prayer for the parents of these children. We know better than anyone the pain of loss. Pray, using any words that work best for you, but send your love and your compassion out to those who need the energy and strength that we know prayers can provide.

Dear Bereaved Parents,

There are no words to express what you are feeling and what we unfortunately understand. We have asked our beloved children-in-spirit to take your babies under their wings and to surround them and be their big brothers and sisters. Believe us when we tell you that your children are not alone and that they will be loved and supported in spirit.

The Universal Prayer Registry Prayer—For the Children In Spirit

May the love in our hearts be carried directly to you—May you walk in the light of this love—May you feel the love that everywhere surrounds you—May your family feel yours

We wish you peace, light and love


Thank you Prayer Team….if you wish to express your feelings, use the comment command below.

About sheriperl

I am a spiritual healer, a writer, a teacher, a potter and a wife and mother. My work has always been in spiritual healing but since 2008 I have focused more on bereavement as I lost my 22 year old son Daniel to an overdose on July 1, 2008.
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23 Responses to December 14, 2012—To All The Children Who Have Passed Today—Another American Tragedy!

  1. Carla Morgan says:

    Thank you so much Sheri. I am just sick to my stomach and ache for all the families involved. One of the first things I thought about was the prayer registry and our children. I pray too that our children who have all ready passed take these babies under their wings today. And pray that the parents and families find their peace one day.
    Carla Morgan
    Charles’ mom

  2. Cathy Short says:

    As tears roll down my cheeks I am praying for all those parents who have lost their precious child today. There is no loss such as that of a child and this is a journey no parent should ever have to take. I pray for Gods comfort to surround you and your families. Sending all my love and lighting candles for these precious children and their families ❤

  3. Many prayers for all of the precious lives that were lost today and for those who have suffered such a horrific loss. Know you do not walk alone…each of us are walking with you, holding your hands, and wiping away your tears. My heart feels nothing but anguish. Praying that our children will send their lights to all of us!
    Alicia’s Mom

  4. Margaret Doocey says:

    Thank you, Sheri, for providing this space and intention. For all the souls involved, dear God, please send your ever-lasting strength – your love – to hold the bereaved through this horrendous loss. For Ben, I understand something now about that vision I had of you and Jen and Adelaide – well before I even met Jen and years before Adelaide was conceived. Now, on Adelaide’s 4th birthday, today – now I know you will be holding at least one other child entrusted to your care in Heaven. I know you’ll hold her/them safely until yours is with you again and they are re-united with their beloved parents. I’ll be lighting another candle today, in addition to Adelaide’s birthday candles, for those children, for those teacher’s and administrators and for all who love them – and – for the soul of the murderer, whose tormented confusion I truly can’t imagine.

    • no disrespect to you or your losses, but to light a candle for the soul of the murderer is beyond ridiculous, he deserves every bit of torment he is to endure in hell for his evil deeds, as an angel mom and dad, we can’t fathom how this soul less monster deserves anything, certainly not an excuse of torment and confusion, not only did he kill his own parents, he destroyed so many lives of moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents…entire families that will never be the same because of this animal, I won’t give him the benefit of the doubt to think he was mentally ill, he knew exactly what he was doing and killed himself so he wouldn’t have to pay for what he did to these beautiful souls…he had no remorse, he was selfish and his only thought was to end his own life so he didn’t have to pay the consequences for his actions, this is Not about gun control, this is about “human control” . I pray this monster burns in Hell

      • Margaret Doocey says:

        Delana, I’ve decided to reply to you after thought and prayer. My path through grief has included forgiveness that I know I’d once have thought unfathomable, impossible. I’m still forgiving – it’s a process that I’m sure will take me the rest of my life. And it’s worth it. So,
        I will continue to pray for all involved, including the murderer. It’s not up to me to excuse his actions, or not. It’s only up to me to pray for his soul and to lead my own life as honestly and kindly as possible. The prayer I offered above, although ‘said’ in public, was between me and God, not me and you. This message is for you. If I knew of a way to send you a message privately, I would have done so.

    • Nancy Ikeler says:

      It was whispered to me in prayer tonight to hold the shooter in the same light as the victims. Thank you for sharing your intention to light candles for all.

  5. Laurie Murphy says:

    Hugs and tears to all the those who have now become one of us. I have not been able to stop crying since I hear the horrible news.

  6. Marsie says:

    Dear God, I pray you have received the children who have passed this morning and that they are safe in your loving arms. I pray that you Bless these special families and give them peace, not only today, but all days.

  7. Love to all those affected by this tragedy. We all enfold you with our love and prayers, both for the spirit children to find their new homes and for their families to find some small comfort from our love and prayers we are all angels with only one wing and can only fly by embracing one another. Sending love and special prayers xxx

  8. Delana & Kevin Shaffer says:

    Many prayers of love and strength for those involved with the exception of the monster/monsters that did this to these beautiful souls. as an angel mom and dad ourselves, we are all consumed with anger, tears, compassion…How does anything like this make sense?? our son,, Elijah wanted to be a pediatric surgeon and today I looked up to heaven and said “Well bub, you have more lil’ones to watch over” help them find their wings. I ask for prayers sending strength to the angel mommys and daddys as they will need all the love and support as we all well know. I pray for the all the innocent angels stolen today….and to the shooter, all I can say is Burn in Hell~

  9. sheriperl says:

    We come together to link up in thought and prayer to send love and strength to the children who have passed into spirit and to their loved ones who are most certainly in shock right now.

    Dear Precious Children,
    We send you so much love and we send you our greatest gift, our beloved children in spirit.
    Danny Boy, I know you are on this along with Brett, and Benny, and Jessica, and Alex, and Phiip and Noel, and Alicia and Ryan, and Melissa, and Michael, and Sarah and Josh and Christian and Jason and Morgan and oh my God there are over 750 of you, stop me. But I know all of you kids have found each other and that you are all pros now at being spirits. I have no doubt that you are being big brothers and sisters to these 20 young children who have crossed into spirit today.

    My heart breaks for all the parents who have lost a child into spirit today. My prayer for them is that they will learn how to connect-up with their children in spirit, because in that way they can find in the spirit what they have lost in the flesh. They cannot hug the body of the child, but they can connect-up with the essence, the soul of the child, that which at one time looked at at them from behind their child’s eyes.

    My message is this: They have been torn from our sight and from our grasp but they have not been taken out of our hearts, nor has their spirit been removed from ours and spirit is eternal.

    Sheri, Danny’s mom

  10. Lori Fina-Jennings says:

    I got a sign from my angel son today. He dropped a red bead in front of my mailbox & I didn’t know why. It was before I heard the news. I know now he was telling me that prayer team on the other side got the message & the kids from today’s tragedy are in the arms of our angel team.
    PS The red beads were put in my son’s hands by his son when he was buried. This is the 3rd time either I or his son have found a red bead. With tear filled eyes & love & light, Lori Fina-Jennings

  11. Nancy Ikeler says:

    Breathing..just breathing in and out..asking so many questions and breathing in love and light because they ARE ETERNAL and breathing this love and light back out to all our prayer registry angels as they gather around the sweet and tender new members. May they feel safe and secure with this strong group of shining spirit children. May they all be able to give their devastated families strong signs of their presence and soon…very soon…let the connecting up be very very soon. Asking all of Gods legions of angels and spirit guides to provide comfort at this time. Gods Grace is Amazing. Breathing…just breathing in and out…
    Danny Gunns mom forever.

  12. sonja carassai-haus says:

    May all the angels in heaven be there to welcome and hold those precious little souls whose lives were cut short today in that small Connecticut town. Please… all the children on our prayer registry…walk alongside the angels to welcome these little ones HOME!

  13. Jason's Mom says:

    My first prayer, upon hearing this dreadful and unimaginable news, was that God gather these little ones close to him and that our beloved children help them to understand what wonders they might behold. For the parents and loved ones of all those lost today, my prayer is for hope and peace and eventually, forgiveness. These parents now begin on a path that we have all traveled and in the beginning, it is such a difficult and unknown journey. May God rest his hand on their shoulders and lead them through this grief and darkness. Never wouold any of us wish this on another…prayers to this small town and it’s residents.

  14. My heart and prayers go out today to the souls affected by this tragedy. I know our angel- children are busy today as they share the universal power of love.

  15. Christine says:

    Words are elusive, tears flow. These precious lives are now in the care of all our children and the loved ones who preceded them. Their brokenhearted families have been set on a new journey that will take them to a place they did not choose. I can only hope that the love and light from all of us here somehow reaches them and gives them strength.

  16. Shari ~ Forever~ Danielle's~ Mom says:

    My heart and prayers are with everyone who was affected today by the tragedy in Connecticut.
    I know our angels welcomed them. Fly high sweet angels fly.high!!!
    Wishing you peace, love and light. xoxo

  17. maty says:

    Prayers sent to this children and also to their parents . Our loving children will guide this little angels to the light, they will be there for them, im sure . Its devastating . Peace Love and Light to this families who are suffering . Hugs . Maty Chris loving mom

  18. Lois Schwartz says:

    There are no words to express how I feel about your losses. I am the Mother of an Angel who walk in your shoes. I would like to bring peace and love to these families who are suffering. I feel and know in my heart that my son, Scott forever 21 took your childrens hands and has them all sitting on his lap. He loved and cherished his three nephews. He loves kids and I know he is taking care of ALL your prescious angels. I deeply share your pain and these children will be forever in ALL our hearts. Love and peace on earth and in heaven.

  19. To my fellow prayer team members,
    When I first heard of this tragic loss, I tuned into my angel son, Jacob and saw he and a whole group of others like him surrounding these precious babies, playing ‘Ring around the Rosie’, some sitting with others on their laps, and others, ‘just holding space’ and beaming light.The message I received was that they had things under control and were easing the children into their new home by playing games and holding them close.
    I also have sent prayers to the shooter, to his family and to his friends, knowing that in the eyes of God, we are all children and loved unconditionally. We can’t see the whole big picture…the lessons of perceived separation and the opportunities it brings us to reunite with our truth…love and life is eternal…without beginning and end. All I know is that having nothing else that I can offer anyone involved but love, light and prayers, that is what I will send and do so as unconditionally as possible so that it is not slowed down by denser, thicker energies of separation.
    I also am sending the same love and light prayers to all other children of all worlds…those in spirit and those here, in our care.May each of us be blessed in the memories of our oneness.

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